Agriculture first of all. Nature is the mistress.
Doing organic and biodynamic farming, respecting the territory, necessarily requires a change of mentality on the role of the farmer and his way of working.

In recent years, intensive agriculture has led to such exploitation of soils as to determine an impoverishment of the land and an imbalance in ecosystems. Agriculture, on the other hand, must bring the conservation and conservation aspect of the soil back to the center, respecting its harmony.

It is necessary to let nature take its course: we limit ourselves to guiding it and nurturing it respecting its cycles, reaping its fruits.

breed v. tr. "cheer up", comp. of ad- and lĕvare

v.- take care

We help life to grow and multiply in the small space of land that we take care of and work to enrich the vitality of the soils and biodiversity.

A healthy environment promotes the growth of healthy plants, which can express themselves with better fruits.


All chemical and synthetic products have been eliminated and organic production has been embraced on all 70 hectares of the company.

Only copper and sulfur are used for the prevention of vine diseases and extracts of citrus and algae essential oils.

We are equipped with technological systems for monitoring the humidity inside the vineyard that allow us to use copper and sulfur only when necessary and a recovery system for unused products that eliminates the pollution of the aquifers.

We follow biodynamic practices and plant green manure in the vineyard and in the fields to mineralize the soils with slow and natural releases of nutrients.

We have allocated 2 areas to flower fields with bee hives.

We practice crop rotation: diversity is the real wealth.

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