Grappello Ruberti 100%

2 week of September

by hand

Red Sparkling wine

12% Vol

Fermented in bottle with must

0,00 €


Area of production: San Benedetto Po (Mantova)
Solis: silt, clay, sand

Yields: 60-80 q per hectar

Agricolture: biodynamic - organic certified

Grape: Lambrusco Grappello Ruberti (the only autochtonous grape in Mantova)

Harvest : by hand - 2/3 week of September

Maceration : 20 days on the skin

Fermentation: fermented in bottle with must

Alcohol: 12% Vol

Sugar: 1 gr/l

COLOUR: Rosso intenso con spuma violacea persistente
SCENTS: Bouquet of rose, blackberry, strawberry and light earthy sensations

FLAVOR: Good acidity, pleasantly dry and balanced, the long maceration gives it complexity and good structure.
Floral sensations of wild rose and violet stand out.

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